The 7 Best Shoe Trees of 2022

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If you want your dress shoes to last, you’d want to put effort into their care when you’re not wearing them. Investing in a pair of quality shoe trees is one of the best ways you can do to preserve your shoes, so you can keep looking spiffy around the office. Shoe trees hold the shape of leather shoes to prevent them from cracking and creasing while you have them stored. The most popular shoe trees are made from wood, like cedar, and effectively absorb moisture and neutralize odors (no one wants stinky feet in the workplace). For the best results, it’s wise to place your shoe trees in your shoes as soon as you take them off after a long day of schlepping around town or to and from the office. Not sure which ones to buy? Read on to find the best shoe trees to slide into your kicks today.

Best Overall: Stratton Men’s Cedar Shoe Tree 


Stratton Men’s Cedar Shoe Tree is one of the highest-rated shoe trees, thanks to its high-quality, 100 percent red cedar. The red cedar — which is grown in the U.S. — prevents natural odors from developing in the shoe. Stratton’s shoe tree is designed with two vented slots on each toe. More than just decoration, the slots allow odors and moisture to escape the shoes. An adjustable spring coil sits in the center of the shoe tree and provides light tension inside the shoe. This tension helps maintain the length of the shoe so you don’t have to break them in again if they’ve been stored for several weeks. The back of the shoe tree has a grab-notch that makes it simple and quick to remove it when you’re ready to wear your shoes.

The Stratton shoe tree comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate men’s shoe sizes from 7 to 16. Men with larger shoe sizes will appreciate the xx-large size.

Best Value: The Original Shoe Tree Company 2-Pack Shoe Trees 


This great deal gives you two pairs of shoe trees for about the price of a single pair. And it helps that The Original Shoe Tree Company creates a quality shoe tree made of cedarwood. Along with two pairs of shoe trees, you’ll also receive two large shoe bags as a bonus. The bags provide extra protection for your shoes when you’re traveling or simply storing them. The interior divider separates the shoes so they’re protected from each other.

The shoe trees are crafted with two venting slots on the toe to allow odors to escape. An adjustable spring guide allows you to adjust the shoe tree so it fits your shoes perfectly to hold their shape and prevent creasing. The shoe trees also fit a variety of widths and are available for men’s shoe sizes 6 ½ to 15.

Best Design: Allen Edmonds Men’s Combination Shoe Tree 

Allen Edmonds Woodlore Combination Men’s Shoe Tree


Thanks to a split-toe design, the Allen Edmonds Woodlore Combination Men’s Shoe Tree can accommodate multiple shoe widths. Inside the split-toe is a spreader plate that can be adjusted to the width of your shoes. Choose between cedar and natural wood. Both types of wood naturally absorb odors from the shoe to keep them odor-free. You can also easily refresh the scent of the shoe tree by giving the cedar a light sanding.

The Allen Edmonds shoe tree is sold in pairs and available in sizes small up to xx-large. Make a habit of using the shoe tree to preserve the life of your shoes and help your shoes keep their shape when they’re not being worn. Enjoy a lifetime warranty against any defects with the shoe tree. 

Most Environmentally-Friendly: Houndsbay Men’s Cedar Shoe Tree 


The Houndsbay Men’s Cedar Shoe Tree is crafted with premium red cedar, a high-quality wood that absorbs odors and moisture leaving your shoes dry and smelling fresh. The split-toe design of this shoe tree allows it to adjust to the width of your shoes so your leather remains crease- and wrinkle-free. The wide hook heel preserves the heel of the shoe, maintaining the shoe’s shape. It’s spring-loaded with gentle pressure to fill your shoe without overstretching or damaging the shoe.

With this pair, one is designed for the left shoe and the other is for the right. The shoe tree also fits men’s shoe sizes from 6.5 to 15. Plus, Houndsbay promises to plant a tree in the U.S. for every shoe tree purchase. So, not only does your purchase helps save your shoes, but it also helps save the earth.

Most Versatile: Eachway Shoe Stretcher Shoe Trees 


The Eachway Shoe Stretcher Shoe Trees stretches shoes in multiple directions for the absolute best fit. The shoe tree stretches the width, length, and height of a variety of shoe types, including both flats and heels. The two-way stretch makes this shoe tree great for breaking a new pair of shoes in record time. These are created with a tough polyurethane plastic that’s sturdy and durable. The mechanical parts of the shoe tree are made from stainless steel and have nickel plating. When you’re using it to stretch shoes, it’s best to leave the shoe stretcher in place for at least 24 hours. However, you should be careful not to overstretch your shoes.

The shoe stretcher is easy to insert and adjust to the size of your shoe. Once you’re ready to remove the shoe stretcher from the shoe, simply turn the handles counterclockwise. One drawback of the Eachway Shoe Stretcher — it only comes in small, medium, and large, which limits the range of shoe sizes the stretcher can fit.

Best for Boots: B&E LIFE Boot Trees 


When sporting tall, knee-high boots, opt for boot trees to best support its shape, like the B&E Life Boot Trees. They’re so easy to use, you can just use one hand to put them on — simply squeeze the trigger and release the spring-loaded shoe trees once they’re in the boot. Perfect for preventing creases in leather boots, these shoe trees work well for 10 to 18-inch tall boots. Save closet space and keep all of your boots standing upright with these boot shoe trees. Reviewers particularly love the value and affordability of the B&E Life boot trees.

Best for Women: Formé Shoe Shapers 


With a plethora of shoe tree options for men, the Formé Shoe Shapers offer an excellent alternative for women. Designed to stretch and shape most shoe styles, including heels, flats, and booties, these shapers help you get the perfect fit for your shoes and alleviate foot pain, thanks to its patented 7-fold technology. Specifically, they stretch to relieve numb and cramped toes, while also preventing wrinkles and creasing to maintain your shoes’ quality and heel shape. Easy to use, the shoe shapers are made of thermoplastic polymer and stainless steel for extreme durability, yet they are portable enough for travel. Although they’re on the pricier end, reviewers agree that the Formé shapers are worth the investment — especially for preserving your most expensive shoes.

Source: The Balance Small Business February 9 2021

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