The Best Clothes Brush, Shoe Trees, and More to Keep Your Wardrobe Looking Fresh

Normally, it’s our job here at GQ Recommends to keep the flames of empty capitalistic desire roaring inside you with a continuous stream of the illest trends and biggest drops to shop post-haste. Today, though, we’re here to tell you something a little different: you already own plenty of clothes, dude. Really, you do! Go take a peek in your closet—even if you haven’t had a pleasure-center-activating visit from your local UPS driver today, we’re willing to bet there are piles and piles of perfectly good attire sitting right there, ready to be worn. So instead of adding to that mass, it’s time to sort through it all and take better care of what’s yours. Believe it or not, keeping your wardrobe organized, your suits pressed, and your shoes shined—extending the lifespan of the stuff you wear everyday—will feel nearly as satisfying as copping new jawnz does. To help you do just that, we polled our team and dug into the GQ archives to gather up a handful of inexpensive, super effective ways to get your sartorial affairs in order.


  • Steamery Stockholm Pilo fabric shaver1/11Steamery Stockholm Pilo fabric shaverUse this delicately powerful, USB-charged shaver to keep all those fuzzy knits you’ve been living in fresh and pill-free.$45 at Steamery Stockholm
  • Redecker clothes brush with pearwood handle2/11Redecker clothes brush with pearwood handleMaybe less memeable from courtside, but a few strokes of this old-school fabric brush will get all the lint and dust off your clothes more effectively than any of those sticky rollers.$37 at Amazon
  • Stratton cedar shoe tree3/11Stratton cedar shoe tree (2-pack)The shape prevents undue creasing, the cedar soaks up all the sweat and foot stink.$34 at Amazon
  • Rowenta DR8120 handheld steamer4/11Rowenta DR8120 handheld steamerThe secret to getting your suits looking GQ-cover-shoot crisp.$70 at Amazon
  • Wood suit hangers5/11Wood suit hangersThose wire hangers from the dry cleaner are as terrible for your clothes as they are to look at.$24 at Walmart
  • Natural cotton gusseted hanging bags6/11Natural cotton gusseted hanging bagsBecause moths are bad, but mothball smell is worse.$18 at The Container Store
  • A shoe cleaning kit7/11Jason Markk Essential shoe cleaning kitThe easiest, most effective way to keep your latest StockX splurges looking box fresh.$16 at Nordstrom
  • A silver and red iron8/11Shark steam ironA steamer should be your number one option in most situations, but sometimes you still need a cheap, reliable iron to get your shirts to pressed perfection.$25 at Amazon
  • brown dopp kit9/11Alden leather travel kit (was $130, 11% off)Everything you need to get your dress shoes gleaming in one carry-on-sized package.$130 at Need Supply
  • A blac kironing board10/11Corby of Windsor 3300 pants pressIf you’ve got the space—and the coin—for one of these old-school pants presses, they’re a good way to refresh a suit before and after long wears. The hanger on the back gives your jacket a chance to air out a little (especially if you’ve been hanging around any incessant smokers) before you put it back in the closet.$189 at Amazon
  • A pack of small orange tidetogo pens11/11Tide to Go instant stain remover pens (3-pack)Still the GOAT.$9 at Amazon

Source GQ Magazine November 11th 2019

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